S’YOUNG International debuted at China Beauty Expo and was awarded as ‘2019 Zunsheng Asia’s Top Importer’

May 29, 2019 at 10:42 Source: Tencent

On 20th May, the 24th China Beauty Expo opened in Shanghai. China Beauty Expo is the largest trade show in the beauty and cosmetics industry in Asia. S’YOUNG International has a strong presence with its international brands and own social e-commerce platform “S’YOUNG Fashion Mall”, and won the Outstanding Importer Award at this Expo.

S’YOUNG International Booth at China Beauty Expo

At this Beauty Expo, S’YOUNG International stood out from more than 300 shortlisted enterprises and won the 2019 Zunsheng Asia Outstanding Importer Award for its excellent sales performance and reputation in Asia (the award aims to explore agents with outstanding sales and reputation in Asia).

As a leading cross-border e-commerce agent in China, S’YOUNG International has set a sales record for multiple platforms in just 2 years after its establishment and has reached strategic cooperation with Johnson & Johnson. The 3 major service systems have been established for Brand Agent Service, Social E-commerce Platform and S’YOUNG Media, relying on Yujiahui’s 14 years of brand operation and standardized business management experience, S’YOUNG has broken the single operation model of a brand agent in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

In the future, S’YOUNG International will continue to actively explore global cooperation opportunities, and help overseas brands to achieve rapid business development in China through its professional operation team. Meanwhile, S’YOUNG International aims to create a new E-commerce ecology between self-operated platforms and multi-category operation linkage.

At present, S’YOUNG International operates more than 7 cross-border brands, covering all categories of cosmetics and skincare products from light luxury to affordable prices, achieving its rapid growth in full channels through integrated marketing communication. At this Expo, S’YOUNG International’s participating brands include Italian fashion cosmetics KIKO, French and Japanese high-end skincare brand EviDenS de Beauté, Finnish national skincare brand Lumene, French cosmeceutical top brand LIERAC, British laboratory anti-aging brand Zelens, Korean fashion medical skincare brand Leaders and other Asian brands, jointly providing a rich beauty experience for different groups of consumers.

Simultaneously, S’YOUNG International’s self-operated social e-commerce platform “S’YOUNG Fashion Mall” was appeared at this expo. Under the background of the new middle-class consumption upgrade, the platform has adopted a business model of “exclusive agency + overseas direct sourcing”, utilized the unique perspective of international beauty buyers to provide Chinese consumers with global fashion beauty products and exclusive experience of membership system.

After years of development, the ecology of cross-border e-commerce industry has become mature. However, changes from related policies and unstable consumer demand have also placed higher requirements on practitioners. As an open and independent platform, S’YOUNG International is a platform-based brand, instead of a simple TP (T-Mall Partner). In other words, S’YOUNG International not simply does T-mall operation, but an integration of brand management, channel links, service links, logistics links, etc. to expand other forms of agent cooperation. The first cooperated Japanese No.1 cosmeceutical brand Dr.Ci.Labo has become the fastest-growing Japanese cosmetics brand on T-mall under S’YOUNG’s professional management. Throughout 2017, it has achieved a growth of 886% on all platforms of T-mall. Since then, S’YOUNG International has achieved strategic cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, and has collaborated with OGX for its e-commerce business in China’s market. S’YOUNG International will continue to expand the global market and further empower company’s revenue growth in the future.