Niche fragrance brand MEMO PARIS:Traveling without boundry, sailing with curiosity and fantasy

May 11, 2021 Source: VOGUE

MEMO PARIS held a travel-themed brand offline salon in Guangzhou in 2021. On May 8th, the niche fragrance brand MEMO Paris came from Paris to Guangzhou. The elegant French romance collided the vigorous urban romance magically, and blended together. This was a magnificent presentation by MEMO Paris.

Inside the Aura Store

Travel elements embodied in every details,

Hot air balloons, suitcases, travel tickets, postcards, arrival announcements ……

The brand‘s DNA are embedded into the decoration of the store.

This is a brand theme salon that presents the core of the MEMO Paris brand Tea breaks, blessings from brand, charming fragrances, fun and interactive…… These special memories remained in the hearts of everyone on site.

And the travelers who came from far away,

added special meaning to it all,

and built a unique and exclusive party for MEMO Paris.