EviDenS de Beauté Chinese Launching Conference

Time: May 11, 2022 By

AMOUAGE is an international luxury fragrance brand from Oman, known for producing the most exquisite fragrances in the world. As the “National Gift of Oman”, it carries the wishes and intentions of the King of Oman. The brand has over 50 fragrances, including some of the world's most prestigious classics, which rank the top in the global fragrance market. The event brings together renowned perfumers from Paris, New York, Grasse, Geneva, etc. Each perfumer is highly sought after in the perfume industry and each creation is carefully handcrafted, using creative formulations and techniques to create a perfect and elegant blend.


In the Chinese market, AMOUAGE has long recognized that as the fragrance market in China continues to grow, there is a growing demand for artisanal fragrances, boutique and luxury fragrance brands that represent a higher level of sophistication, while consumers expect brands to offer higher quality ingredients, bolder notes and longer-lasting fragrances, which is AMOUAGE's core strength.


In this regard, Marco parsiegala, CEO of amouage, said: “We pursue to create real masterpieces and share them with connoisseurs of perfume all over the world. Following the brand's flagship factory in Muscat in 2020 to integrate creative and manufacturing businesses, and the recent opening of a sales center in Dubai, we have decided to expand amouage's business to China, which is the next logical step in our international growth strategy. China is a center with great development potential. With the commercial version As the picture continues to flow eastward, we look forward to showing the blending art of East and West from Oman in the Chinese perfume market. With the help of Shuiyang international, we have found a partner with professional technology platform and rich knowledge and experience. Most importantly, their team is as enthusiastic about perfume as we are. “


The launch event was held at Bellagio Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai. The site was decorated in a gorgeous atmosphere, with the weight and grandeur of history, embellished with avant-garde and luxury. Tradition and creativity, black and white, the collision of the East and the West, and the quiet standing of various products under the cover of flowers, led people to enter the golden age of spice paradise in the Arabian Peninsula again.


Under the auspices of veteran perfume connoisseur Mr. Li Jing, the brand gave a profound interpretation and comprehensive presentation of the iconic classic, Epic Woman, for the first time in China.


AMOUAGE's iconic Epic Woman, the pinnacle of women's fragrance legendary work. The story of the magnificent desert rose “Turandot” reappears in the eye, re-stepping on that historical treasure Silk Road. The ancient legend of Princess Turandot, she is proud, domineering, beautiful and stunning. There was an aria written for her, but the score was lost along the Silk Road. To find the score, the resolute and brave woman went to the desolate desert alone, the candle of hope in her heart was not extinguished, she looked into the distance, and a magnificent epic chapter was born.


In addition to the classic Epic Woman, Dia Woman, Memoir Men, etc., the three new products Rose Incense, Boundless and Material has launched at the event and attracted various media and perfumers to stop by. At the launch event, people exchanged opinions on perfume craftsmanship and the art of perfumery, also expressed high praise and expectations for the three new products to be launched. The launch event marked the official debut of AMOUAGE in China, a high-end luxury perfume brand from Oman has redefined the art of Arabic perfumery, perfectly integrating creative perfumery techniques and bold perfumery technology into all its creations, paying homage to tradition fused with innovation, and winning the global acclaim. With approximately 1,000 carefully selected shopping malls, AMOUAGE is now sold in 12 independent boutiques and owned an overseas flagship store in China. The highly collectible fragrances have attracted an increasingly diverse range of consumers who find their own sense of belonging in AMOUAGE and look forward to the future of the brand in the Chinese market.