First Oversea Quality Origin Tracing of Beidian Unveils the Mystery of Finland's National Treasure Skincare Brand – LUMENE

Time: April 30, 2019 By Harper's Bazaar

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the brand LUMENE, Beidian brought a number of its shop owners to the headquarters of LUMENE in Finland to embark on a journey of ultimate Origin Tracing a few days ago. It was the first time that the Origin Tracing of the Beidian has gone abroad.

At the same time, LUMENE also made this special trip to join hands with the popular celebrity fashion program “OMG Meka Show” on WeTV, iQiyi, Mango TV and other platforms, and visited the company headquarters, raw material production areas, and factory assembly line with the shopkeepers of Beidian. Also, the host of Hunan Television, Weijia Li, interacted with the shop owners and took a group photo.

Unveils the Mystery of Finland's National Treasure Skincare Brand - LUMENE

It is understood that LUMENE is the only cosmetics brand with a medical background in Finland. It is affiliated with Finland's leading medical high-tech enterprise-Orion Corporation. The corporation was established in 1974 with a history of 45 years. Its brand name originated from a clear and stain-free lake “Lummenne” in southern Finland. Its products contain vitamin series, hydrating moisturizing series, beauty skin series, etc., which are sold in Finland, Sweden, the United States, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and other markets.


The first stop of the Origin Tracing of Beidian was the birthplace of the brand name—Lapland Lake Lummenne located in the Arctic Circle. Tiina, the deputy director of R&D of LUMENE, introduced that the moisture in each bottle of LUMENE's products is taken from Finnish Arctic iceberg spring water.

In LUMENE ‘s R&D philosophy, water is the most important, as water occupies a large proportion in the composition of skincare products, and water is also the carrier of various moisturizing ingredients, and the application of extremely pure and mild Arctic iceberg spring water is in line with the excellent original eco-green product concept of LUMENE.

Unveils the Mystery of Finland's National Treasure Skincare Brand - LUMENE

Afterwards, the group of people from Beidian's Origin Tracing, led by the staff, came to the raw material production area of the birch forest. It is reported that the white birch tree is the national tree in the mind of the Finnish people, and it still maintains a good moisturizing content in the snowy season in northern Europe.

In addition to applying Arctic iceberg spring water, LUMENE also owns a number of exclusive international patented technologies, including (Hydra-technology) 24-hour slow-release technology which can incorporate birch sap rich in high concentrations of minerals and amino acids into the product. The active ingredient concentration is above 94% which has excellent moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

factory of LUMENE

In the factory of LUMENE, the shopkeepers of Beidian experienced the high-tech production line.

Everyone entering the factory needs to wear protective clothing and shoe covers, and disinfect their hands twice to ensure a high level of cleanliness in the production area. In the laboratory, there were a variety of R&D technology equipment of high-end skincare products as well as the products of internationally well-known cosmetic and skincare brands, and the staff showed the comparative analysis of ingredients.

factory of LUMENE

With a history of nearly half a century, LUMENE has won numerous awards for its unique international patented technology. It is reported that the group has developed and produced and obtained a number of international certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, the Gold Award of European Consumer S&T (Nordic-C Glow Reveal Moisturizer), and the international patent “Bio-communicatorTM” cell shuttle technology, etc. These achievements have contributed LUMENE to being the largest cosmetics brand in Finland.