S'YOUNG Completed Investment in French Luxury Brand PIER AUGÉ and Acquired its Chinese Business, Deepening Collaboration between Overseas Brands 

Time: August 10, 2022 By Prnewswire

On July 8, S'YOUNG Group Co., Ltd. (S'YOUNG, the Company) (300740.SZ) ( below referred to as S'YOUNG) completed its investment in the French luxury brand PIER AUGÉ and acquired its Chinese business. The team and strategic direction of PIER AUGÉ will remain unchanged, and S'YOUNG will carry out more in-depth cooperation with PIER AUGÉ.

As the preferred China partner for global beauty brands, S'YOUNG is committed to building mutually beneficial and win-win relationships with overseas brands to share the long-term value of China's market growth. Through its original “CP” cooperation model (China Partner + Couple), S'Young has empowered PIER AUGÉ with all-dimensional and omni-channel capabilities, helping the brand develop from 0 to 1 in the Chinese market and establish a niche and unique brand image. This investment marks a reinforcement of the “CP' model, which can provide a higher level of cooperation in equity acquisition, investment, and strategic collaboration according to the wishes and needs of the overseas brand.

Founded in 1961, PIER AUGÉ is a niche French luxury skincare brand with a 61-year history. It has a factory in Paris and is a beloved brand among well-known celebrities such as former French President Francois Hollande, and has received a letter of thanks from former U.S. First Lady Hillary.

In 2020, PIER AUGÉ ended the cooperation with its previous distributor and chose S'YOUNG as the exclusive partner in China, who successfully helped the brand to quickly pervaded the Chinese market within six months. With comprehensive capabilities to empower overseas brands, S'YOUNG has helped PIER AUGÉ achieve a soaring performance in the Chinese market by establishing an official flagship store with brand characteristics, formulating product positioning in line with the beauty trends in the Chinese market, and leveraging its strong social media influence. Besides, S'YOUNG has helped PIER AUGÉ develop an effective brand and marketing strategy for the Chinese market, which has contributed to the long-term positive development of the brand in China. PIER AUGÉ opened its first flagship store on Tmall Global in 2021, and its hero product — Resourcing Treatment Mask DOUCE AURA — is now ranked TOP 7 of Tmall's Imported Smear Mask Repurchase List.

As a preferred China partner for global beauty brands, S'YOUNG has cooperated with more than 30 overseas brands, covering skin care, make-up, personal care, fragrance, health care, and men's grooming. The cooperative brands cover many countries and regions from North America, Europe, and the Middle East, including the French cutting-edge laboratory brand LIERAC, the Italian make-up brand KIKO MILANO, the Finnish national skin care brand LUMENE, and the prestige perfume brand AMOUAGE, etc., a testament to S'YOUNG ‘s strength in diversification and international operation. In 2019, S'YOUNG reached a strategic partnership with Johnson & Johnson to fully undertake the e-commerce business of 14 brands under Johnson & Johnson in the Chinese market, which turned out to be a great success for Dr. Ci:Labo, Listerine and many others.

Regarding this investment and acquisition, Charles DUPONT, General Manager of PIER AUGÉ, stated that “The desire of our new partner is not only to deploy the brand in their domestic market but also to make PIER AUGÉ a global player. Due to this excellent start to 2022, we have revised our objectives upwards, and this partnership also accelerates our investment plan with the aim of conquering main markets before 2026.”

This strategic investment in PIER AUGÉ marks another milestone in S'YOUNG's deep collaboration with overseas brand. With its original CP model, S'YOUNG provides brands with diversified and personalized ways of cooperation, while having a perfect and higher level full-path cooperation model, constantly exploring new areas and opening up new heights of cooperation between overseas brands and the Chinese market.